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Siragusa Family History Project

Written by Joe Siragusa


With Buonaventura photo, Summer 2002

A single photo was the starting point for everything that is contained within the pages of this "digital scrapbook" that you are about to explore. It was taken in my hometown of Watertown, New York, at my Grandfather's house on Bellew Avenue during the summer of 2002. That trip to Watertown was my final visit with Gramp before he passed away in September of that year. Among the things we talked about that day was the picture on the wall behind us. I had never before seen a photograph of his father, Buonaventura Siragusa, nor did I know much of anything about him or his journey to America over 100 years earlier.

That photograph became the inspiration behind this Family History Project.

In the years that followed, I began to chart the Siragusa family, growing more interested with each new discovery that I made along the way.

Photos, letters, vital records, historical documents, newspaper articles, and the collaboration of many individuals have all helped me discover the past and learn more about the people, places, and events that have shaped our lives. My goal for this site (very much a work in progress) is to include as many of those photos and documents as possible as well as the personal history stories that go with them. Take a look around and enjoy!


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Within These Pages

This project begins with the Siragusa family and will extend to the Malatino, Denny, Majo, Angell, Slate and many other families as the research continues. At this time, less than half of the information that I have on the various family lines is posted on this site. Research is ongoing and updates will be made periodically (check the "What's New" box below and the Research Log for recent additions). In respect to privacy, no detailed information about any living person is listed on this site.

You Can Help

To make this project a success, I need the help of as many family members as possible. While documents such as census logs, birth records, military information, etc. are relatively easy to find, the real treasures are the photos and stories -- and that's where your help is needed most. If you have any photos, stories, remembrances, letters, etc., I would be forever grateful if you would be willing to share them with this project. You can contact me through this site or message via Facebook. I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to hearing from you!

What's New...

NEW: Flight 3192 Sampson Airman Book

After a search that lasted more than three years, I was finally able to find and purchase a copy of The Airman yearbook from Sampson Air Force Base containing my father's basic training class ("flight") from May of 1954.

Each book contains around 20 classes and includes individual photos of each airman plus group shots from life around the base and various stages of training. More...

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On The Horizon

My most recent efforts have centered around transforming this site to be completely mobile-friendly. This is not a template, but a 100% hand-coded site -- another of my obsessive hobbies! You will now find it's easier to read the stories and navigate the site on a smartphone. In addition, this site has a new dedicated, secure domain name --

As for the historical side of things, here are a few of the items that are up next on this project:

As always, if you have any materials of interest or questions on this project, I would love to hear from you!