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Vintage Ellis Island postcard

Ellis Island

New York Harbor

Island of Hope

For over three decades, Ellis Island was the symbol of freedom and a new beginning for more than 12 million people that steamed into New York Harbor and passed through the halls of the immigration inspection station.

The facility opened in 1892, taking the place of nearby Castle Garden, which had served as the immigration point of entry since 1855. Located just off the coast of New Jersey, Ellis Island is less than a mile from the Statue of Liberty.


Passenger manifests for the years 1892 through 1924 are generally in excellent condition and available through free of charge -- you just need to create an account. For arrivals prior to 1892, you can search, although the records are not as complete or detailed. Your biggest challenge in finding records will be misspellings or records that are incorrectly indexed. Deciphering some of the handwriting can also be a challenge!

Timeline of Arrivals

Here are some of the key Ellis Island arrivals in our family's history:

1901 Arrivals

May 1 · SS Victoria

Buonaventura Siragusa

View Manifest, Line 27

October 18 · SS Sicilia

Giacinta Siragusa

View Manifest, Line 20

1902 Arrivals

August 9 · SS Algeria

Stefano Siragusa

View Manifest, Line 30

1903 Arrivals

February 5 · SS Lombardia

Anna Siragusa

View Manifest, Line 26

1905 Arrivals

May 13 · SS Antonio Lopez

Salvatore Malatino

View Manifest, Line 26

September 3 · SS Italia

Salvatora Siragusa Provinzano

View Manifest, Line 6

November 3 · SS Lombardia

Giuseppa Dolce Siragusa

Grazia Siragusa

Luciano Siragusa

Domiano Siragusa

View Manifest, Lines 2-5

1906 Arrivals

May 30 · SS Lazio

Francesca Malatino

Giovanni Malatino

View Manifest, Lines 4-5

1909 Arrivals

April 16 · SS Campania

Giuseppe Siragusa

Giuseppa Panzarella

View Manifest, Lines 14-15

1914 Arrivals

August 11 · SS Patria

Giuseppe Siragusa

Giuseppa Panzarella

Giuseppa Bifarella

View Manifest, Lines 13-15

1916 Arrivals

February 2 · SS Patria

Andrea Scudera

View Manifest, Line 25