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Malatino Family Genealogy

Francavilla, Sicily

Salvatore, Francesca and Giovanni Malatino all left their home in eastern Sicily at the turn of the 20th century and came to America in pursuit of a new, more prosperous life. They began the American chapter of their lives in New York City and all three eventually settled in Watertown, New York.

Malatino Family Generations

John and Francesca Malatino, Watertown, New York

Family Member

Francesca Malatino

14 June 1885 - 1 December 1986

Francavilla, Sicily & Watertown, New York

Giuseppe Malatino
Maria Bennardo


Giuseppe Malatino

1 July 1851 - 16 April 1905

Francavilla, Sicily

Nunzio Malatino
Giuseppa Del Popolo/Cerasa


Nunzio Malatino

a. 1819 - 26 Jun 1874

Francavilla, Sicily

Giuseppe Malatino
Signorina Mannino

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