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Nunzio Malatino

About 1819 - 26 June 1874

My 3rd Great Grandfather

Nunzio Malatino, son of Giuseppe Malatino and Signorina Mannino, born around 1819 in Francavilla di Sicilia.


Nunzio married Giuseppa Del Popolo on October 22, 1848. Giuseppa's parents are listed as unknown, and in later documents her last name is listed as Cerasa.

October 1848 Malatino-Del Popolo marriage record


Nunzio's wife Giuseppa died in 1855. It's believed that Nunzio remarried that same year, although records for that year were damaged and no marriage documents are available.


Nunzio died at the age of 55 in June 1874.

1874 death record of Nunzio Malatino

Nunzio Malatino
Giuseppa Del Popolo/Cerasa
(married 1848)
Maria (1849-1850) • Giuseppe (1851-1905) • Antonino (1854-1854)
Second Marriage:
Maria Correnti
(married about 1855)
Vincenzo (1856-1860) • Salvatore (1861-1867)