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Majo Family Genealogy

Northern New York

Below you will find the beginning chart of the ancestors of my maternal grandfather Merton E. Majo. The Majo family's first home in America was at Cape Vincent, New York on the St. Lawrence River. The oldest documented relative to date is Joseph Amable Majeau (the original french spelling) who was born near Montreal, in L'Assomption, Quebec, Canada in 1784.

Majo Family Generations

Family Member

Merton E. Majo

3 December 1908 - 3 February 2000

Point Peninsula & Dexter, New York


Louis Day Majo

4 April 1874 - 20 December 1955

Cape Vincent, New York

G. Bruce Majo
Laura Chamberlain


Gustavus Bruce Majo

1845 - 29 October 1878

Cape Vincent, New York

William Majo
Mary Butler


William Majo

5 October 1821 - 14 August 1914

Canada & Cape Vincent, New York

Joseph Amable Majeau
Justine Foisey


Joseph Amable Majeau

25 March 1784 - a. 1841

L'Assomption, Quebec, Canada

Joseph Majeau

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