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Gustavus Bruce Majo

1845 - 29 October 1878

My 2nd Great Grandfather


A five year old Gustavus Bruce appears in the 1850 census, living in Cape Vincent with his two younger siblings and parents, William and Mary Majo.

1850 Census, Cape Vincent, New York


The Majo family living in Cape Vincent in this state census taken two months after the end of the Civil War. Bruce is 20 years old at this time, and his brother Albert, 18. No military service is indicated for either of them.

1865 New York Census, Cape Vincent


At 25, Bruce is still living on the family farm in Cape Vincent along with his parents and brothers Albert and Willie. His sister Matilda, now married to Silas Ainsworth, can be seen a few lines down the page in this 1870 census.

1870 Census, Cape Vincent, New York


Bruce married Laura Chamberlain on February 14, 1872. No documentation of this date has been found other than the reference to it in Laura Chamberlain Majo's 1942 obituary from the Cape Vincent Eagle.


In June 1875, Bruce and Laura Majo are living in Cape Vincent with their first child, 15-month-old Louis (Lewis).

Majo family in the 1875 New York Census


At this time, little is known about his death in 1878. He would have been just 33 years old.

Gustavus Bruce Majo
Laura Martha Chamberlain
(married 1872)
Louis Day (1874) • Etta May (1876)

Riverside Cemetery, Cape Vincent, New York