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William Majo

5 October 1821 - 14 August 1914

My 3rd Great Grandfather


William Majo was born Louis Placide Majeau, son of Joseph Majeau and Justine Foisey, in St. Jaques, Quebec in October 1821.

1821 baptism, St. Jacques, Quebec


William Majo and Mary Butler Majo in the 1850 census -- living in Cape Vincent with their three young children: Gustavus Bruce, Albert and Matilda.

1850 Census, Cape Vincent, New York

An excerpt from a 1973 letter detailing some family history stories gives us some insight into William Majo's early days in the United States:


William, Mary and the full family of four children living in Cape Vincent. This state census was conducted in June 1865, two months after the end of the Civil War. No military service is indicated for any of the family.

1865 New York Census, Cape Vincent


By 1870, William and Mary still have three children at home on the family farm, and daughter Matilda, now married to Silas Ainsworth, can be seen a few lines down the page in this 1870 census. Note the value of the farm at $20,000 -- a sizable property of the times.

1870 Census, Cape Vincent, New York


Obituary from the Cape Vincent Eagle, August 20, 1914

William Majo
Mary Butler
(married 1844)
Gustavus Bruce (1845-1878) • Albert (1847) • Matilda (1849-1884) • William (1858-1945)

Riverside Cemetery, Cape Vincent, New York