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Starbuck School

1974 Photo Restored

In 2015 I came across this newspaper clipping from the Watertown Daily Times with a great photo of the "jubilant students" heading home from Starbuck School on the last day of school, June 20, 1974 -- including yours truly after completing first grade. My Mom clipped this from the paper and I'm so happy that I found it 40 years later.

From the June 20, 1974 edition of the Watertown Daily Times (before and after)

I was able to track down the original negative from the Watertown Daily Times archives, scan it, and restore the photo to its original glory! I love the enthusiasm the photographer (unknown) captured that perfectly matches the last-day-of-school feeling. I'm on the right side of the photo directly behind and above the girl carrying the Loblaws shopping bag.