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Pizzillo Family Genealogy

Collesano, Sicily

Rosaria Pizzillo, my great great grandmother, descended from a family with deep roots in Collesano, Sicily. The Pizzillos made a name as master craftsmen in the art of ceramics. Their work is literally part of the history of Collesano, seen in bricks and tiles on buildings and churches, and used as apothecary jars and many other practical and decorative pieces that were produced in quartiere stazzone.

Pizzillo Family Generations

Family Member

Rosaria Pizzillo

9 April 1825 - December 1900

Collesano, Sicily

Stefano Pizzillo
Domenica Cangimila


Maestro Stefano Pizzillo

a. 1779 - 7 January 1844

Collesano, Sicily

Mariano Pizzillo
Maria De Carlo


Maestro Mariano Pizzillo

1744 - 1822

Collesano, Sicily

Stefano Pizzillo
Vincenza Tortoreti


Stefano Tomasso Pizzillo

1690 - 1750

Collesano, Sicily

Pietro Pizzillo
Caterina Tamborello


Pietro Pizzillo

16xx - ?

Collesano, Sicily