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Giacinta Siragusa Dellutri

10 Aug 1883 - 2 May 1927


The second daughter of Buonaventura Siragusa and Domenica Alfonzo, Giacinta "Jennie" Siragusa, was the first to follow her father to America from Collesano, Sicily. She lived in New York City and married Calogero "Charles" Dellutri on March 27, 1904 at Transfiguration Church on Mott Street in Manhattan. Her sister Anna, married Calogero's older brother Carmelo Dellutri on the same day in the same church.

"Jennie" and "Charles" moved to Chicago around 1910 where they raised their five children. Giacinta died of heart disease in 1927 at the age of 43. Tragically, Calogero was killed in a construction accident just two years later, in the summer of 1929.

Giacinta Siragusa
Calogero Dellutri
(married 1904)


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