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Francois Denis Veronneau

27 June 1707 - about 1763

My 6th Great Grandfather

Francois and his siblings are the first generation of the Veronneau family to be born in North America. He was born in Boucherville, Canada (then New France), just outside of Montreal in 1707. He married Catherine Robin in 1732 and lived to the 1760s. No death record has been found at this point, but it is believed that he died around 1763.

Francois Veronneau
Catherine Robin
(married 1732)
Marie Catherine (1732) • Francois (1738) • Etienne (1740) • Jean-Baptiste (1741) • Marie Charlotte (1743) • Joseph (1744) • Amable (1748)

Records and Timeline

1707: Francois Veronneau is born on June 27 in Boucherville, the son of Denis Veronneau and Catherine Guertin.

1707 baptism of Francois Veronneau, Boucherville, Canada

1732: Francois marries Catherine Robin in Terrebonne on the 25th of February.

1732 marriage of Francois Veronneau and Catherine Robin, Terrebonne